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Our multi-purpose storage cages are of modular design, allowing for easy DIY construction and incredibly flexible usage. Equally at home either inside or outside the warehouse and are designed to protect goods, gas bottles or chemicals against vandalism and theft.

We offer a range of mobile security cages with wheels, as well as fixed static cages all available from stock. Our product ranges are suitable for everyone from Schools – such as lockers, cloakroom equipment and classroom storage, all the way through to industrial secure storage of Hazardous material cabinets and warehouse stock storage.

Wire Mesh Partitioning For specific information and technical data please click:

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Full list of Godzilla Cage Sizes can be found here:

Cage Sizes

A Galvanised finish option to the steel metal mesh panels makes the cages suitable for outdoor use, or a powder coat finish for indoor applications.

Bespoke Cages

Alternatively, if you require a more specific application then we are able to supply bespoke cages. Please fill out a contact form for a quote.

We also have created the Gas Cage Calculator tool with specific bottle types, allowing you to easily find what size cage you need.

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