Gas Cylinder Storage Calculator

What size gas cage do you need?

Please use this calculator to work out the most suitable cage you require.

Please note:

  • The smallest size cage is always suggested first
  • The first cage suggested is the most suitable and appropriate fit.


If you have 2 Butane 4.5KG bottles, then the form will recommend every cage we offer. This is because 2 Butane bottles will fit in all cage types.

However, the first result being the GC05 is the most suitable and appropriate fit.

If you enter 5 bottles, GC05 will no longer be an option  as the maximum capacity for the GC05 of that bottle type is 4. The best fit for 5 Butane 4.5kg bottles will then be the GC15.

If no cage is displayed, then please get in touch. We are able to supply Bespoke Mesh cages to exact requirements.

This tool is for guidance purposes only. 

Please satisfy yourself that the cage is a suitable size for all the bottles, and that the amount of bottles you wish to store. Internal and External measurements are supplied below. All measurements are in mm.

Gas Cage Wizard

Full list of cylinders/bottles available

Acetylene Cylinder Sizes

Height Diameter
Acetylene K – 8kg 340mm 170mm
Acetylene M – 15kg 570mm 170mm
Acetylene J – 31kg 710mm 200mm
Acetylene D – 59kg 1050mm 210mm
Acetylene F – 96kg 1200mm 260mm
Acetylene G – 97kg 1200mm 260mm
Acetylene H – 83kg 1120mm 290mm

 Butane Cylinder Sizes

Height Diameter
Butane 4.5kg 340mm 240mm
Butane 6kg BBQ Gas 314mm 306mm
Butane 7kg 495mm 256mm
Butane 13kg 560mm 310mm
Butane 15kg 580mm 318mm

Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Sizes

Height Diameter
Carbon Dioxide VB/LB – 22kg 500mm 140mm
Carbon Dioxide 7lb 500mm 150mm
Carbon Dioxide LR/VR – 44kg 870mm 200mm
Carbon Dioxide 14lb 850mm 150mm
Carbon Dioxide 28lb 900mm 200mm
Carbon Dioxide VK/LK – 99kg 1500mm 230mm

Propane Cylinder Sizes

Height Diameter
Propane 3.9kg 340mm 240mm
Propane 5kg Patio Gas 314mm 306mm
Propane 6kg 495mm 256mm
Propane 9kg 460mm 315mm
Propane 11kg 560mm 310mm
Propane 12kg 560mm 310mm
Propane 13kg Patio Gas 580mm 315mm
Propane 13kg 580mm 315mm
Propane 18kg 810mm 315mm
Propane 19kg 810mm 315mm
Propane 47kg 1290mm 375mm